Sunday, June 04, 2006

Getting ready for Birthday!!!

Yap, MaMa is getting ready for a "birthday bash", not hers though. I don't understand why she fuss over herself just because its PaPa's birthday tomorrow.

She went for a mani & pedicure cos they are going for Brunch @ the Fullerton's Town Restaurant. And what did PaPa do for this event?! NOTHING! I have to wonder who is the "Star" in this case?

Here's MaMa's hands & feet "Brunch-Ready"...

As for me, I ordered 2 cupcakes for PaPa to wish him Happy Birthday!!! Why only cupcakes? 2 reasons; MaMa emptied my piggy bank to buy her Birkies and secondly, do you think he should eat anymore after the 3hr "eat & drink all you can" Brunch?

Cupcakes!!! Yummy!!!


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