Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Truth be told

As Christmas is drawing close, MaMa decided to prepare some treats to hand out as little "presents"...

These treats that MaMa prepares are quite yummy; dehydrated liver, lungs & heart. Yah, it does sound ekkie to some but its absolutely to die for. So, the question is always "how do you make them?" & hence the title today - Truth be Told.

MaMa goes to the market, buy a whole lot of lamb/cow organs. Wash them & slice/cube them, lay them in this wonder white machine (I regard as my best friend) & about 15 - 18hrs later... wala...

Here's how the organs look on the trays...
First up, liver
Next, lungs

Ok, 9 hours so far. 6 more to go before I get to "test" the dryness... hehehe...


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