Sunday, December 11, 2005

Brush Teeth Time

After coming home from park, its time to shower yet again... I won't go into detail cos you can read from my earlier thread how irritating it is to me.

The next thing that comes after shower is "brush teeth time" I kind of enjoy it actually. A little wierd as I've heard my friends complaining about how torturous it is to them. I really like the minty flavor of my toothpaste. Like it so much that I actually got hold of it & chew it to bits while MaMa & PaPa are at work. So now, I get a electric toothbrush!!!
Here's how it looks...
Let the brushing begin...
Looks a little messy at first but it gets better as it progress...
I must tell you, I still prefer the good old traditional toothbrush. This electric one is a little freaky. It tickles my gums & I don't care too much for the noise it makes. Shooots, why did I ruin the good one I had... Yet another mistake in life...


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