Saturday, November 19, 2005


Woke up this morning & something strange happen. My 3 siblings took turn in the shower room. Shower time???!!! I thought I'm the one who gets showered at least twice a week but Y them? They only get it when MaMa feels they need one, which is a long time...

I think it must be the "BIG BOSS"... I heard MaMa telling PaPa that tmr is her BIG BOSS' BD so lets invite him to our house for dinner.

I very stress the whole day leh... Trying to disturb my siblings (cos they look so pathetic... hiak hiak hiak) at the same time trying to hide from MaMa. I hate shower, remember?!

Ooh, I think I can smell the marinated beef... Let me go check it out first... Will update with the latest.

Oh, BTW, MaMa bot very nice flowers for the house too. I can't get to it cos its on the dinning table... Da**....K, later aligator


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