Monday, November 28, 2005

Finding my waist; through exercise?

MaMa is telling me to go find my waist; AGAIN!!! Ok, I must say; I am getting a little more chubby by the day. But then again, it is NOT my fault!!!

MaMa try to bring me to the park almost every day for some exercise. She also tries to get me to the beach once a month for a swim. Along with my friends we have lotsa fun goofing around. Lets put it this way, Joey's MaMa & mine are dead serious when it comes to our swimming sessions. They put life vest on us, to make us look cool I guess.

Now U see, what else can it be?! We are born swimmers afterall.

Alright, I may have some problem the first few times but trust me; practise makes perfect.

Well, with all the swimming, U would think I'll get to keep my waistline no problem; but...

I just can't resist the temptation...


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