Saturday, March 25, 2006

Different dog, different fate...

By no means am I complaining about my life but I do feel ripped off, sometimes...

As you know by now, MaMa dries Organ treats & Tendons for me when she has time, today is one of those days!!!

Yipee!!! I waited patiently beside the white machine for the "moment of truth". This is the first time I see something so long...

Look at these tendons

Once in awhile I get bully sticks. I love them & I think it's the best 'cos I can chew on it for a long long time while MaMa is at work. I think the bully stick is about 6" - 8" depending on the "size" of the ahem... but check out how much longer these tendons are compared to the bully stick!

I'm determined to find out the actual length of these delicious looking tendons so out comes the measuring tape.
A whoping 10"

K, so why do I feel so ripped off??? MaMa said they are not for me!!! I'm not whining but "MY LIFE SUCKS!". I'm gonna go to my bed & sulk for the next 3 days.


At Sun Mar 26, 06:28:00 am GMT+8, Blogger The Oriental Express said...

Let's face it. Without your wonderful papa and mama, there can be no Jaffe Boy, right? Jaffe Boy would be out on the streets, hungry and alone. Hence, it would be great if readers could see your papa and mama. I was privileged to have met your handsome papa, but have yet to meet your mama.... guess she is as good looking as your papa ... and you


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