Monday, August 14, 2006

I've also been tagged!!!

K, technically speaking I should start by explaining how this "tag business" work but I've decided otherwise.

I shall get into the game first... 5 wierd habits... here we go...

1. Make funny "growling" noise, that sounds more like gargling, when playing rough

2. I give MaMa & PaPa "love bites" when they come home from work. "Love bites" meaning I'll lightly bite their right arm.

3. In the middle of the night, I like to sleep with my head under MaMa's side of the bed but she can still see my body.

4. Loves to brush teeth cos I can eat up all the toothpaste... yummm...

5. I will stand very close to the elevator door, so close my nose is on the door. I just want to be the first to get out... kiah su (afraid to loose) ma...

K, so back to the rule of this game...
When one gets tagged, he/she will have to list 5 weird habits (eg as above). After which he/she will list 5 pals to be tagged. Comments will be left @ the pal's blog to say he/she has been tagged & to read the tagger's blog. Geddit? I was tagged by Herbie so U may want to read Herbie's explanation of this game if you are still "blur".

Now, my "taggies" will be Groovy, Sammy, Bogie, Patience & Millie...


At Tue Aug 15, 12:32:00 am GMT+8, Blogger Mango and Party said...

Hi Jaffe!

You are really cute and your mum take real nice pics of ya! We love the pics of you flying/in sunshine/ running!!

Wiry cheers,
Mango and Party

At Wed Aug 16, 02:08:00 pm GMT+8, Blogger Jay said...

Jaffe, I love to brush teeth too!

I will lie there and let Aunty JM or J do their job.



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