Sunday, January 01, 2006

Laptop + Champagne = Fried

Just as we were talking about a fantastic year ahead, something not so fantastic happened...

As nice as Moet & Chandon is, laptops do not appreciate them. Infact, any fluid is harmful to them.

MaMa accidentally spilled some champagne on her beloved laptop & it suffered a cardiac arrest. After resucitation, it managed to boot up but unfortunately the keyboard is now paralysed. MaMa has since called the emergency unit & was told it needs to be hospitalised. Poor laptop will be warded on the 3rd of Jan.

PaPa almost got into "trouble" when he ask MaMa "How did it happen?" & commented that "It is pretty irresponsible of you". My advice is to stay away from the topic & pray that the laptop will be ok after some minor cosmetic surgery.


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