Monday, December 26, 2005

3 Cs

I heard people chasing for the various Cs. From the initial 3 Cs (Credit Card, Car & Condo), now its been upgraded to god-knows-how-many Cs. As for me, its very simple, 3 Cs are all I need to get me through my life. I practise hard each day to sit, paw, down & roll over just for these 3 Cs (chews, cookies & cakes)

My MaMa buys these Roo sticks/tails for me to chew on while she is at work. Sometimes, some kind aunties & uncles will give me some milk raw hides. As a "cost cutting" exercise, MaMa decided to make her own chews!!! She goes to NTUC and buy beef tendons, trim away the fats & pop them in the drier. 15hrs later, wala....

I'll show you the final product just because the raw version doesn't seem very appetizing to me...

To be honest, I really don't mind what my MaMa is doing... She may not be a great chef (trust me, she is not) but when it comes to all this drying, she's superb... My next target will be cookies. I wonder what I should do so she will take baking classes... hmmmm...


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