Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Will life be the same again?

After being warded for 18hrs, MaMa's laptop was discharged. That is, of course, after paying 136.50 smackaroos. Now, this is the time when I wish she can use MediSave to pay for it.

I got a little worried when MaMa started counting the number of meals (fresh meat) I've got left in the fridge. She then started to count the days. The worst part came when she ask herself out loud if she should go to the market this weekend or should she wait till the next, since its her alternate Saturday off.

I know for a fact that she doesn't care if its her Saturday off or not. She will go to the market before my meat runs out. So, what does all this mean? What does this leave me with???

If I don't get meat, this will be me...


At Fri Jan 06, 08:13:00 pm GMT+8, Blogger The Oriental Express said...

You are so cute and funny, Jaffe Boy. My computer is down and I am typing in an internet cafe. I laughed out so loudly when I saw your posture. Everyone thought I had gone nuts for a while. If only they see you pics.... they would go nuts too.


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