Sunday, May 27, 2007

What a Sunday...

It was a gorgeous day. We had a lazy sleep in this morning & in the afternoon we went for some agility workshop. We took a, "close to 50mins", walk to the "agility centre". Boy, was it hot hot hot.

Since we were early, we got to watch as the other doggies strolled in. In about half an hour, the place was packed with doggies. I was too tired thou' to check every single one out, so only a selected few got my attention.

First up, Poodle Pup (sorry, didn't get his name)...

Next up... There was no next up. You gotta understand, 50mins walking under the scotching sun (about 34 celsius, 93F) I really didn't care for much more than shelter & ice cold water.

So, the workshop started with some demo from the experts & before U know it, it was our turn to give the course a go. So this was me (& Kaylie) jumping some easy peasy hurdle...

You see, it was first time for alot of the doggies who attended so they had to make it really easy. I'm no stranger to agility except I didn't really take to the weaving poles. See, I could jump quite high...

We then moved on to the "collapsable tunnel". Again I had no problem but Kaylie wasn't too keen on going thru. MaMa had to do a "The Ring" just so Kaylie would go thru the tunnel with her...

Mind U, MaMa had just gotten her Mani & Pedi, hair & facial done on Sat, so she wasn't too pleased with what she had to do. Nevertheless, she did it. She called it unconditional love. I doubt she had any idea what she was talking about since we are the epitomy of unconditional love. She obviously liked going thru the tunnel 'cos Kaylie would follow me thru the tunnel anyway...
Another POC (piece of cake)...

So U get the picture. It was POC for me since I've been there, done that. For Kaylie it was all new so she needed to follow me. Why MaMa thought she had to go thru the tunnel, we had no idea. The best part of the whole exercise was the fact that we got about 50 million treats each. I wish it lasted longer than it did.

We started to head home as it started to get cloudy. I was glad to finally get home for a nap since the treats were done. Instead of leaving me alone, MaMa decided it was time to take a couple of shots of me with extra ears!
The above picture was when I thought I'd get some yummy treats for putting up with the nonsense. As soon as I know there was no "benefit" I refused to look into the camera...

Monday, May 21, 2007

I've got a package!!!

Hello peeps. Sorry I haven't had much time to update you of my activities 'cos I've been busy keeping an eye on the mailman. Each day passed by & he did not bare me gifts. I was getting impatient & agitated. Today, however, the mailman was the sweetest. He brought me the package that I'd been waiting for!
I was jumping with joy but MaMa said I can't open it myself since I'll probably "kill" everything in there. She slowly unwrap the package & pull out each item to show me. They are delightful!
As U can see, not all of them were mine. The "mini" items were from JaffaMan to Kaylie. He had written a note saying "I no no a lot a lot $." I figured that was why he had to piggyback on the package that Sunshade had for me. MaMa was just as excited as me & she promised I'll get to eat the treat treat tomorrow. She said I've had enough to eat for the day... bummer...

Silly Kaylie was all excited about her tag. She wanted MaMa to wear it for her just like JaffaMan had when he got his...
Just look at her silly grin.

I want to thank you Sunshade for the lovely gifts. They are the bestest.

Kaylie says : "Thank you thank you JaffaMan. Love the tag tag. Smell nice nice. Will sleep good good with tag tag around neck neck."

Ok, that's all the "air time" Kaylie will get for now.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Burpday to Me

Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I had a pawsome Me day!

We started off on our usual quick walky to release ourselves. I found some really nice "perfume" so I rolled in it a couple of times. MaMa wasn't too impressed with the smell so she put me under the tap before I could have my breaky.

While waiting for PaPa & MaMa to return from work, I decided to re-decorate the dining area a little. Kaylie told me since it was my Burpday, I could probably get away with murder. So the "paper works" was solely my doing.

So MaMa returned to this...
You are right, she wasn't very impressed with my deco but she quietly cleaned up the "mess" & we went out for our night walky. Phew!

When we returned, MaMa brought out my Burpday dinner.
She knows I love Oxtail. Soon, it was time for chow down!

Kaylie enjoyed her Oxtail din din too!

Next up was pressies time. I got a collar from Boy & Baby. Thank you very much, Boy & Baby, I love it. I got my fav chew bone & a teddy bear from Kaylie. Thank you Kaylie. I'll share with you when I'm done with them.

And finally, MaMa gave me the hugest chew bone that I won from Amber-Mae's contest! Love it love it love it...

On a more serious note, we found out about the passing of FuFu the hamsterrier. He was such a amazing hamster. He never fail to put a smile on our faces. Till we meet again, rest in peace FuFu.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kaylie at the Vetinary

Hello all, it's me Kaylie Kaylie; or KaylieGirl; or KayliePoo or Kaylie Darlin... Sorry, I get too excited...

Anyway, I went to the vet vet yesterday & they did a scrappy scrap to see if the bug bugs are all dead. PaPa & MaMa got to see the dead bug bugs under the microscone. The vet vet was happy happy cos the bug bugs are dead dead. Unfortunately, vet vet found a couple of new spots on me. He suggested that I get a full body clip. MaMa was distraught. She couldn't bare to see my beautiful fur gone but in order to kill all the bug bugs on my body, it needed to be done.

So off we went to our favourite pet shop where Aunty W gave me a quick shave.

After half an hour, this is how I look now!!!

MaMa say I look ugly ugly but I know she is trying to cover up for her sadness. I caught her cry cry when she was holding me last night.

Jaffa Jaffa, U think I still pretty pretty without my fur fur? My skin is red red from the bug bites. I hope it'll go away soon!!!

PaPa had done some reading up about my condition & said that I'll be ok ok once the bug bugs are dead dead. I will eat all the yummy yummy MaMa gives me so I will be strong strong!!!

MaMa had written a short message to the breeder about my condition & hopefully they will not pair my mummy & daddy up for breeding again.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

King of fruits!

Kaylie's Demodectic Mange condition seems to be getting better. Her follow up with the vet is this coming this Sat. Paws crossed, hope her skin scrap will show that those nasty bugs are all dead.

Kaylie dropped a note to Jaffa after she came back from the vet last week. Jaffa's MaMa was very kind. She dropped some very informative advice for MaMa 'cos MaMa was so lost & didn't know where to start. Armed with the valuable tips, she headed to the store last Sunday to pick up the supplements that would help with Kaylie's condition. 3 items she picked up from the store. She picked up Super Colostrum. She also bought Vit A,C,E + Selenium. Lastly, the thing that Kaylie can't seem to breakdown from the food that she eats; Zinc (Sorry, MaMa couldn't find the product info online). She thought she's pretty much covered until she remembered - the "King of Fruits"!

The "King of Fruits" - Durian; is a very popular fruit in some parts of Asia. Eating it is an acquired taste. It is believed that the protein content is very high therefore it must be good for me, no?! Anyway, MaMa bought a whole lot of it & boy was it good!
Kaylie & I totally enjoyed it. Poor MaMa was left with almost nothing by the time she realised how much she had given us! It was yummy in my tummy indeed!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

General rules...

We woke up to a bright & sunny beautiful morning. We take it easy, had breakie then went for walkie. The sky was so blue...
The sun was shining brightly, we can feel the warmth. It was great for walkie...
There ain't much going on since it's really "rest & relax" day for the whole family. So perhaps I'll post a picture of my prize. I won the "guess the number of toys" contest on Amber-Mae's blog!!! I was very excited when MaMa showed me the box full of yummies!!!
Thank you Faith & Amber-Mae, I love it love it love it. The sad thing thou, MaMa said I'll have to wait till next week before I could have it. She refused to give me an acceptable reason. What to do, Bitches rule the family in my case.

I've got some updates on Kaylie too. She seems to be coping well. The sore spots are now dried up & the fur are starting to grow back. She is still on anitbiotic to control any flare up on her skin. Oh, her last visit at the vet showed she weighed 6.8kg. She is 9 months now. MaMa said I was only 5.9kg when I was 9 months. Is Kaylie fat or fat?!

MaMa also went to get some supplements to boost her immune system. I wonder if they are yummilicious. I told MaMa if it is yummilicious, I will want some too. Guess what MaMa said?! "Yummilicious or not, both of U are gonna have to take it!" Did I mention Bitches rule?!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Demodectic Mange

Hello peeps, it is me Kaylie. I asked Jaffe to let me have a little "air time".

See, on Monday 30th Apr, MaMa brought me to the vet 'cos my skin was getting red & it is not recovering well...

A couple of months ago, MaMa thought I had food allergy & that was why I had spots on my body. After seeing Dr Kasey & getting some skin scrap done, he confirmed I have this scawy sounding bug on me - Demodectic Mange.

Dr Kasay said that it is due to some weak immune system. I need more yummy supplement to boost my immunity but MaMa don't know which one will be directly beneficial for me in this situation. If any of you peeps know anything, please help MaMa out so I can be strong again!

Anyway, after taking some pills & getting some lotion on my wound, MaMa brought us out on our walkies. In the evening, Aunty Y suggested bringing all of us to the West Coast Dog Run for a swell time. It was all wet & muddy. We did have a swell time but it was Aunty Y & MaMa's nightmare. Check us out...

So, there you have it. I may have some bugs on me, I am still up for a "muddy" good time... licks licks...