Saturday, February 25, 2006

31st July 2005

Today, Bobbie's PaPa ask MaMa about my "chipped" ear. It reminded MaMa of the fateful day, 31st July 2005. It must be the most painful day of MaMa's life, according to her drama rama "speech".

For the slightly longer story, U can go to my MaMa's post on Doggiesite.

But lets cut to the chaste here... About a quarter of my ear were ripped off by a mongrel. He was with his owner at that time. PaPa let me approached him & as usual, after smelling the nose, I decided to venture "behind". Before I could even get close to the back he turn & bite my head area. No teeth, no growl, just a silent killer. MaMa panic & started to screm while PaPa tried to pull me away. Without realising that my ear was tightly gripped by the big dog, it was ripped off while I was pulled away.

here's the pictures:

Till this day MaMa still blames herself for letting this happen to me. She also believes that she jinx it for me. Moments before the incident happen, MaMa was telling PaPa she loves my ears. She thinks its "folded perfectly" & with the unique markings, its so cute. And of cos, before she knows it, a quarter of it is gone... Jinx? Maybe...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Its OPEN, its OPEN, its OPEN!!!

Just as I started to feel there's no meaning in my life as I walked towards the closed Dog Run, I can hear hustle & bustle coming from the enclosure! Am I hallucinating or is it really my friends in the Dog Run?!

You can never imagine how happy I am today. Jack, Joey, Lucky & Bobbie were already there when I finally reach the "playground". We had fun running around, just like good old days. This is how life should be for us dogs, paws crossed.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Its been awhile...

Its been a long while since I last blogged...

There's really nothing much except spending my day counting down to 17th Feb, which is tomorrow. There is still no news about what is gonna happen to the dog run in Bishan. Its making me feel depressed. Will my playground still be open for my friends & I to fool around???

We just got back the camera & we sure hope to take more pictures over the weekend. I hope I'll get a chance to start sharing stories & pictures with all of you again.

Though there's nothing much happening for me, MaMa has a couple of new things. She went for a hair cut just before CNY. From long hair to bob hair. She also bought a pair of Croc sandals, FINALLY, after trying it for the 100th times @ the shop.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Doggie day care...

I have to warn you, readers; this post contains no pictures. It's a narration of my day.

On 1st Feb, we all had to wake up at some ungodly hour. After a very rushed breakfast, we headed to Bobbie's (my friend who spars with me) house. MaMa & PaPa left me there & off they went for a day trip @ Bintan.

Bobbie & I played the whole day. We didn't sleep a wink. I have to say, I wouldn't mind PaPa & MaMa going away once in awhile. Or send me off to some "Doggie Day Care" facility where I can play non-stop with other doggie friends. I had so much fun, I crashed the minute we got home.

Now, there's not gonna be any pictures for some time cos the camera is now at the Doctor's office. It needed some "jabs" & will return a week later. Till then... Adios..