Tuesday, January 10, 2006

These 3 things

This thing called Fate. People blame it. This other thing called Best of Both Worlds. People try their luck to get it. This last thing called Count Your Blessings. There's hardly anyone doing it. Yep... Sounds like heavy stuff; but hey, blame the downpour. You can't expect me to "grow up" and just keep writing about silly stuff. I'm fortunate to be able to blog.

In my earlier post I mention about my food running low. Today, it has reached a critical level. I'm down to the last pack of meat. I was hoping it wouldn't rain on the weekend so MaMa can go to the market to pick up some meat for me.

Finally today, on Hari Raya Haji, the sky decided to give us all a break. A small one at that. MaMa hurry to the market & got a whole chicken & a whole duck for my meals. It should last me for close to 3 weeks. You would think I am absolutely elated but why can't it stop raining a couple of days earlier? It is Hari Raya Haji, the butcher for beef & mutton is off!!! Variety, I want more variety!!!

As much as I whine, I should be grateful that MaMa managed to get me fresh food in time.

Killing time while waiting for MaMa's return...


At Fri Jan 13, 10:16:00 pm GMT+8, Blogger The Oriental Express said...

Dear Jaffe Boy,

You seem to be worrying abou food all the time. How do you manage to keep so trim and fit? Let out your secret please.


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