Sunday, January 29, 2006


Let me start with wishing everyone "Wang Wang Wang". They all say its my year & so long as I bark away, it will bring prosperity to the household. I'm a little confused cos its always frowned upon when I bark unnecessarily but from today onwards its perfectly fine, infact encouraged. Oh well, as long as I get a treat each time I do that, I don't mind at all.

Now, to prepare for this festivity, MaMa went for a hair cut. She believes it will bring about a change for better luck. So, as you guessed it, I also went under the scissors. If U saw me, U will agree that I needed some "major work"

Here's me, before...

After some 4 pain shrieking hours, here's me now...

Ok folks, I'm off to collect "ang pao" now. Once agian, Wang Wang Wang everyone...


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