Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hot, Sunny & Yummy

It has been hot hot hot these few days. Some may say we are experiencing heatwave & boy does it make one sleepy. Since it was so sunny out, MaMa took us out to the park for a walk. Since she bought a new snazzy phone, she decided we should all post under the hot sun for a picture. I say "na, it's too hot. I'd rather be in the shade." Only silly Kaylie was left striking a pose...

After the walkie, we went back home for a afternoon siesta. JuJu decided she will join us too, on the cold kitchen floor. Ah... heaven...

Soon, it was time for dinner. MaMa decided that it was time Kaylie gets a lamb rib all by herself, so tada...

The slightly bigger one was mine, of cos.


At Mon Mar 26, 05:57:00 am GMT+8, Blogger Molly the Airedale said...

It's still so strange to me to read about the difference in our weather temps! We're longing for some warmer temps so we can turn off our furnaces and you're sweltering!
Your lamb ribs look pretty good! And they're sure big!

Love ya lots,

At Mon Mar 26, 07:41:00 am GMT+8, Blogger Chelsea said...

It is freezing here in Canada. I would trade you but, I don't like the really hot weather either.

I like in between.

I hope you enjoyed your lamb ribs

At Mon Mar 26, 07:58:00 am GMT+8, Blogger Toto said...

Hey Jaffe,
You must have sent some warm weather our way. It was 81 today! Last night there was a big storm north of us and it even had a tornado. We lucked out that it didn't come to our house, hehehe. You look so cool napping on the floor. We like to lay on our tile floor too when we're hot.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

At Mon Mar 26, 08:08:00 am GMT+8, Blogger Linda said...

Sorry Jaffe, we were logged in as our cousin Toto on our message. Mama has been helping Auntie C make a blog for Toto. We'll let you know when he starts posting.
Butchy & Snickers

At Mon Mar 26, 04:42:00 pm GMT+8, Blogger Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Oooh, I bet that kitchen floor felt GREAT!

How did Kaylie get on with her lamb bone? Was there any left for you to steal?

Oscar x

At Tue Mar 27, 11:12:00 am GMT+8, Blogger José Tan said...

Wow, it looks so thick and juicy and mouthwatering and succulent and... Ooohhhh!!

At Tue Mar 27, 05:12:00 pm GMT+8, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooooh that lamb rib looks inviting!!!!


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