Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Favourite place... Part 1

It was a hazy saturday morning but MaMa was determined to bring us (yup, Kaylie had to come along) to MY favourite place. No no no... Not the park, but the WET MARKET!!!

What's so nice about the place?! FOOD & TREATS! Need I say more?! The bonus is, we get to walk along the park to get there! (I'm sure the exclamation marks shout out my excitement) Here are some pictures to show you where we live & the path we walk everyday to the dog run (it's very hazy so please bare with the low visibility)...

Back home, I patiently waited for the friendly white robot to dry the treats.


At Mon Oct 16, 04:21:00 am GMT+8, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neat! I love to see where everybody everywhere lives. Looks like a BIG CITY.

Bussie Kissies


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