Monday, April 20, 2009

Just chillin & dodging the bullet

Hey there buddies, since the last post, we've had a couple of days with tinnie snow flurries. I guess it was ok since it's either snow flurries or spring showers, which is what we're having for the next couple of days.

We had some beautiful weather last week. Bright sunshine & relatively warm weather. We went on our usual walkies in the ravine in the morning & hanging out a little at the park; chillin. Nothing out of the ordinary.

MaMa had been "threatening" to strip us down to our "summer coat" cos we are starting to pant alot on our walkies. Kaylie is worse since she pants into MaMa's face at night & it drives MaMa crazy. The chilly spring showers for the next couple of days saves us from the "torture". I wonder how can we keep dodging the bullet.

Mama had been very busy knitting up a storm as BD gifts. She finished her very first "lace pattern" shawl...

And also her very first "Baby dress" ...

What do ya think? I know alot of hoomans were pretty impressed with her work. My only focus is to make sure she keeps knitting for other & will eventually forget about my sweater. *paws crossed...

I shall remind you of my handsome good looks before all the fur goes "aflying"...


At Tue Apr 21, 03:08:00 am GMT+8, Blogger Asta said...

Hi Jaffa and Kaylie
I've missed you..glad to see you again.Youw Mommi's knitting is vewy pwetty. I'll cwoss my paws that she fowgets youw coat, heheh
it's too wawm fow clothes wight now anyway
smoochie kisses

At Tue Apr 21, 07:53:00 am GMT+8, Blogger Agatha and Archie said...

SNOW??Oh the dreaded stuff! We think your Mom's knitting is beautifull!!!!!!! Love and kisses A+A

At Tue Apr 21, 05:37:00 pm GMT+8, Blogger Molly the Airedale said...

The shawl and baby dress are just beautiful! Your mom did one heck of a job, Jaffe!
Imagine how pretty your coat will be!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

At Thu Apr 23, 02:18:00 am GMT+8, Blogger Amber-Mae said...

I think the baby dress is the cuterest thing I've ever seen!

Solid Gold Dancer

At Thu Nov 18, 11:19:00 am GMT+8, Anonymous Tapping Therapy said...

Those are pretty cute knit outfits. Specially designed by mom for you. Flaunt it with gratitude!

At Tue Sept 24, 06:05:00 am GMT+8, Blogger World of Animals, Inc said...

Those are some really cute knit outfits. Your mom does such a great job. Hope you get to play in the snow later on. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
World of Animals


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