Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"Culture" shock...

What can I say. There's the weather, there's the outfits & there's the sports...

I think we are coping with the change of seasons pretty well. There's the rain & then there's the snow, not very hard - so we thought. When we arrived back in May 08, it was raining pretty much everyday & temperature about 10c to 14c. We have rain in Singapore but here a raincoat is necessary. It is brrrrrr being wet. The rain continued with the temperature rising & so we had to be stripped. I don't know which is worse, to wear "flashy" (MaMa likes bright colors on us. *eye roll) outfits or to be bald.

The rain continued & the temperature began to fall again. Our fur started to really grow & we were looking quite "fuzzy". We were made to put on flashy outfits again. The temperature started to drop even further & now we are talking BELOW ZERO! More flashy outfits came popping out of the closet!

Here's us on "snowing days"...

Here's us when the temperature drops to -14c, with windchill of -28c...

As you can tell from the pictures that I'm not very happy with having to play dress up. I feel ridiculous. Talking about ridiculous, it was groundhog day on the 2nd Feb. According to this cute little "friend", we're gonna have another 6 weeks of winter. No offense but isn't it strange to be relying on the shadow of a groundhog when we have all the advance technology that supposedly tracks all the weather pattern? Why the shadow of groundhog? What about shadow of us! Gee, we are out at least twice a day & we can sit, stand or lay down for you to "study" our shadow for higher accuracy. Sorry I digress.

Now sports... hmmm... Super Bowl... MaMa & PaPa tried to stay up watching the 4.5hr game but only managed the last quarter. Yup, the last 15mins of the game. It was really exciting, MaMa & PaPa were on the edge of the couch as the referee watched the replay; trying to decide if both feet of the player were in & if he had full "control" of the pig skin. Question: How does a 1hr game turn into 4.5hr? We think the "Doggie Bowl" on Animal Planet is way more fun to watch. That's just us.


At Sat Feb 07, 07:42:00 am GMT+8, Blogger Molly the Airedale said...

You both look so colorful in your winter coats! Geez, it's really cold where you are!
Mom and dad are so anxious for spring but we're still loving the cooler temps! Stay warm guys!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

At Tue Feb 10, 12:30:00 pm GMT+8, Blogger Life With Dogs said...

We agree, Animal Planet rules.

At Tue Feb 10, 06:13:00 pm GMT+8, Blogger Stanley said...

Hey, Jaffe!

I know you don't like clothes (I usually don't either) but you sure are stylin'! I mean, at least they can see you in that frozen wasteland of snow.

Glad to hear you are adjusting. I was wondering how that would be for you. Technically it's still winter here but it's been freaky warm. Maybe you'll get a little bit of that too!

Goober love & smooches,

At Sat Feb 14, 04:15:00 am GMT+8, Blogger erin said...

As usual, you both look so cute in your flashy outfits! I hate it when my girl puts clothes on me too.

At Wed Feb 18, 09:51:00 pm GMT+8, Blogger Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Me and Mom watched Puppy Bowl, too

Bussie Kissies


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