Sunday, January 27, 2008

Same same but different

We've been slacking & Ma has been busy finding us some "wings". More about that later. We didn't do anything exciting during the week except our daily walkies to the dog park. Since it's been raining quite a bit during the day, there weren't many doggies for me to bark at.

Since Ma was feeling a little guilty, she decided to bring us to the beach; AGAIN! I say yipee! Ma took pictures, of 'cos, & really they are all but the same from the rest of the pictures I've posted before but Ma begs to differ. She said they are "same same but different". So here we go again, pictures of our outting to the beach on yet another beautiful Sunday morning...
First up, Jose & Bond having a swim in the cool water.

Next, we have Vegas trying to get catch up to Bond.

Here's me trying to get away so the two "lovebirds" can have a little alone time.

While Bond is busy digging away...

& Jose feeling a little "grumpy" cos Bond pushed him under the water...

We, the "opportunists" took the front row seat for some yummy treats!

The "smartness" runs in the family, if I may say so myself.

Ok, time for a snooze now. Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sunny side up? Not quite...

Last Sunday in the chat room I said we had egg for brekkie. Yup, it was yummilious! Was it a sunny side up? Not really. It was an 8 minute egg. Most of you will know it as 3 minute egg since you would have boiled it but MaMa has this crazy thing about pouring boiled water into a bowl with the egg in it & let it sit for 8 minute. So this was it...
The only sunny side up we got was a fine day at the beach! Yet another perfect day, what can I say. Since we've been there done that so MaMa decided that we should take pictures of us "buried" in the soft sand. So this is me being obliging to MaMa's request.

1 minute later, tada...

MaMa did the same to Kaylie but she wasn't a very coorperative pup. We tried "burying" her a few times but this is the best shot.

Well, MaMa finally gave up so she made her sit nice for a picture but she was very engrossed with sniffing out some crumps. When she finally looked up she didn't look anywhere pretty. Check out her nose / lip...
There was really no luck with taking good pictures with Kaylie so make a wild guess, what was plan C.
Yup, I was asked to pose AGAIN! No bones for right guess since I bet all of you got it!
MaMa says the last picutre was for Bussie's momsie cos she likes me. Thank you Bussie mommy.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Din din...

Some of us were chatting about food tradition on New Year's Eve / Day. We are a very simple family. Ma & Pa will have their bubbles with some cheese & crackers while we get yummy oxtail. And that was what we got this New Year's Day.

Here's our din din on New Year's Day...

They were so juicy! We got 2 pieces each, about 250g worth! See we get about 100 - 130g for our usual din din, so U can imagine how excited we were!

This was us chomping away!
So there you go, our NYD din din tradition!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Love the Equator!

Hey there pals, a little slacking on the "post" front here. I think we're still "hungover" from all the activities during the past few weeks.

So we went to the beach (yes, I know. Not news anymore but we LOVE it!) on the 30th Dec 2007. It was a gorgeous day out. We swam for almost 3 hours! You can imagine we were totally poop'd by the time we got home. I'll let the pictures tell you the story...

As you can see, we met up with not only Vegas but also 2 other friends. The first black dog is Mandy and it was the 2nd time we met up at the beach. The 2nd black dog is a new friend. He is another Singapore special named Marmite. Isn't he cute? Can you tell he has got a little Rottie in him? He just turned 1 & Kaylie was a little intimidated by him. Kaylie had a little "spat" with Mandy too & we assume it started cos Kaylie was looking for scraps on the beach & she didn't like it that Mandy was close by. What's with b*tches???