Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hello hello... this is Kaylie blogging. A few days ago, we got a little note from the postman stating we've got "bulk item" that couldn't fit in our mailbox. MaMa took the note & went to the post office today. To her dismay, they couldn't locate the said "bulky item". Little did she know the postman had tried to deliver the "bulky item" again while she was at work!!!

So MaMa came home to this...

I was super excited to open it but MaMa said I am too clumpsy so she had to help me. The first thing we saw was a lovely note from the handsome JaffaMan...

He is the most lovely boy. **blush**

MaMa opened up the poster & OMDog, it is the most awesome. You'll have to see it to know how I felt when I saw it!!!

(MaMa: Actually Kaylie was trying to figure out who & what it smells like. I was the one in awe... hahaha)

Thank you so much JaffaMan. You ARE the sweetest indeed. I hope our Disney dream will come true soon!!! **blush blush**

Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's MY turn!!!

Hello hello everyone. Jaffe said I get to write MY OWN post today. I want to tell you pups out there the fantastic time we had @ the beach on National Day. This post is quite a bit late cos Jaffe won't let me. Anyway, I think a picture speaks a thousand words. So here we go...

Uncle N is a really good photographer. He makes me look uber good. Oh, can you see my little paddle under the water?!

No picture of Jaffe cos this post is MINE!!!

Anyway, on our walkies this morning, we spotted a giant shroom growing again. MaMa managed to take a picture before bratty Jaffe pee'd on it.

MaMa said no eating it. Darn, I love cream of shrooms!

Oh, MaMa brought a paper pooch home today.
I got a little jealous but MaMa said it's just a BD card so no need for any jealousy. Phew...

Ok pups, I need to continue with my tendon. Teddy is waiting for me...

Monday, August 20, 2007

We missed the chat!!!

Last missed the chat last evening. I'm reasonably upset as you can imagine but I chose to forgive. It was MaMa's Burpday last Saturday & PaPa had brought her to enjoy a nice Brunch yesterday. So, together with a few of MaMa's work collegue, the out the went. They didn't return till almost 11pm. MaMa fed us & crashed.

Kaylie & I stayed close to her in bed, just in case she felt sick from all the drinking & eating. She was fine. Slept like a baby.

She got a couple of pressies & had ask me to post the pictures...

Here's a keychain from Aunty R & Aunty J. Aunty R is really good at her crafts...

This one is from Aunty E. Notice they seem to like kitties...

So what did PaPa get for MaMa's burpday?! Brand new smile!!! Yes, MaMa's braces is off. MaMa will get her teeth "lightened" by 4 - 6 shades courtesy of PaPa. MaMa is sure happy about her new smile! I love it too. I can steal a kissy or 2 when she smiles without cutting my tongue.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Strike a pose

Today, MaMa came home with a big bag of tendons. 2kg of deer tendons and 1kg of pig tendons for Kaylie & me. They look yummilicious.

We keep watch while she packed them away. MaMa got a little soft & decided to give us one each as a snack. She then came up with a crazy idea. She wanted to see how many different expressions she can capture while we chew on the tendons. So here we go...

That's all for me MaMa, leave me alone to my tendon please. Go bug Kaylie...

She is a big girl now!

Monday, August 06, 2007

More Pressies

Last Thursday MaMa received a big white package in the mail. It was addressed to Kaylie. Since Kaylie is a bit of a duh duh, MaMa decided she will open it up instead.

Look what Kaylie got from Baby & Boy!!!

A couple of day before this, she got a lovely squeaky from Bobbie. It was a scuba monkey. I love it!!! I meant Kaylie loves it...
Thank you Baby, Boy & Bobbie (all the Bs... so coincidental) I love the pressies. Burpdays are nice!!! Can I have a burpday every week??? Please!!!

Puppy will always be puppy.