Sunday, November 13, 2005

I hate shower time...

Had a great time at the park, but there's a price to pay...

Whenever I roll myself around or play rough with my pal, my MaMa will shower me. She says I'm so dirty so I have to be bathed in order to sleep on the bed... I HATE IT!!! Why can't she see it?! Everytime she brings out the bathrobe, I will hide in a corner, under the table or ask PaPa to protect me... Speaking of PaPa, he always listens to MaMa when it comes to my shower time... Humph... I wonder how I can train him to protect me... (I'll surf the net after this post)

As if getting all wet is not bad enough, she makes me wear this ridiculous looking bathrobe!!! What the @%*&, I look ridiculous!!! Wet & Ridiculous...

Need I say more???!!!


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