Friday, December 19, 2008

Count down to winter

Hey all, MaMa finally got around to sorting out some videos. They were taken a couple of days back after a night of snowfall. There were a few dogs in the park too so it was alot of fun. Kaylie must have sprained her right hind cos she wasn't too interested in her favourite game of chase. She is still a little soar. I hope she feels better soon cos I want all of us to go for a long hike on the weekend!

When we arrived at the park, a friend cockle spaniel came to greet us.

Then I had to show him who is the boss!

I guess he was a little annoyed with my "bossiness" & decided to tell me off.

I took the cue & moved on to my next target. Unfortunately he was a little too big for me to take on but we did some chasing around, which was just as fun.

Today we had a big snow storm & boy that make our P&P business really challenging. It started from 10am all the way to about 5pm. We had to hop most of the way around the park. We were left with no choice but did number 2 on the sidewalk. Sorry neighbours, we had no choice. MaMa picked up everything, you won't even notice.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hi all, we're back. There's soooo much & yet nothing going on. We were busy hunting for a new mini apartment to rent, we printed our Christmas cards & popped them in the mail. MaMa was down with a cold so she was on light duties for almost 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, we were bored out of our minds & we find ourselves needing to release all that energy through some "fighting"...

MaMa couldn't figure out how to adjust the video so we looked like we were suffering from a bad case of jaundice.

Check out my terrierist "roar"...

MaMa is feeling better now. She said her body is finally sending the bugs packing.

We had some decent snowfall last night which makes our morning walkies so much more fun!

Will upload some videos of our run-around soon!