Sunday, February 24, 2008

Patiently waiting...

Hi there pals, Ma's been to busy with the CNY celebration & work to help us with our blog. At least that's what she said but I serioiusly think she's just being lazy.

On a more serious note, Ma is pulling hair with trying to sell our pad. There's this thing with the bank & lawyer & bank & lawyer, there seem to be no end.

Sweetie PaPa can so feel Ma's frustration & he sent her a really nice bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day.
It certainly put a big smile on Ma's face.

Pa also took tonnes of pictures of the snow. Can't wait to roll around in the fluffy white snow!

There was this snow storm & it covered almost a whole car!
I think I can use my "power jet" to melt them, you think?!

I wonder if it'll be toooooo coooooold for us to go for our nightly walkies?!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Xing Nien Kuai Le, Wan Shi Ru Yi

Hey everypup, kitty & hammie... Kaylie & I would like to wish all of you a very Healthy & Happy Lunar New Year!

Not much fuss for us this year except the bath. I still don't understand why I need to have a bath middle of the week just 'cos it's New Year AGAIN?! Anyway, I'm just glad I didn't have to put on ridiculous outfits.

Ma took some pictures on Sat around the market where she gets our din din. It was quite buzzing with life. Pa took pictures arond Chinatown in TO as well. Let see if you can spot which belongs to the tropical island. Ma says it's a TOUGH one! ***eye roll***

Now, for those who watch Grey's Anatomy with their humans, please bark along with me - "SERIOUSLY!" How TOUGH was that, huh?!
***major eye roll***

It was a beautiful day out so Ma took along the camera on our walkies. Here's a view from the park we take our walkies daily.

Ma also took a video of us walking along. Let me warn you, it is VERY shaky so if you just had something to eat please check back later!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Put on some wings & set it free!

Now Now Now, where do I begin...
In my last post, I mentioned about finding "wings". See, Pa got himself some "wings" & flew to TO; Canada on 21st Jan. We miss him lots! Kaylie & I had been bugging Ma to get all of us some wings too so we can fly over soon to meet him. That was what Ma was busy with for the past weeks.

What about setting "it" free?! Well, Ma was sworn to secrecy about our big move to Canada. She sure is glad that she can finally share the exciting news with all her friends & colleagues! They are all happy for us & said they'll visit if they happen to come our way. That is just fantastic!

Anyway, Pa was quite on with all his priorities. First, hunt down a job. Next, find the best place for Kaylie & I to hang out. He had taken some pictures for our approval....

Just incase we have any ouchies...

Looks like we are pretty set. I guess the last thing is to make sure we've got nice winter outfits...