Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another day gone by...

It was yet another lazy Sunday gone by... Kaylie, who couldn't be any lazier, took her time to finish her food.

After which she went running to the door & asked to go for a walk.

It was a gorgeous morning & we were glad we live on a tropical island, except for the ocassional rain...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

What a Saturday...

See, today is my "Bone Day". Ever since Kaylie came into our house, I've missed out on "Bone Day" for almost 5 weeks!!! I'm sure glad to have some good mutton bone & marrow for dinner today. It may not be as big as Ms SunShade's Bone but I'm not about to complain. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures nor videos to post here cos I had to guard MY BONE & MaMa had to make sure I didn't kill Kaylie for trying to steal MY BONE!

I have proof of this sneaky little bitch... See, this morning at breakfast she pretended to be resting beside my bowl; then she checked out what I was eating; after which she happily helped herself with some when I went for some water!!!

Yup, I know, she is so lazy she eats the last few laying down!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hello again!!!

Hi there all. Sorry for the absence. It has been quite an "eventful" week.

Last Thur, Kaylie & I were brought to the vet for vaccination. We were both as sick as a dog (pun intended) after the shot.

Then there was Sun. MaMa invited a few colleagues over to hang out & also to meet my kitty sisters, Kaylie & I. Poor Kaylie got quite a bit of "handling" from Michelle. Even Auntie Jade was feeling sorry for Kaylie...

PS: Thank you all for making it possible for our picture to be Photo of the Month in DWB. Kaylie & I are very honoured. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Meet & Greet...

As some may already know, PaPa has been very diligent about bringing Kaylie to the park for Meet & Greet (M&G) sessions with all our doggie friends. The whole idea behind it is so Kaylie will be ok with most dogs.

Doggie style M&G is very different from human's. We don't do handshakes nor Joey's (Sitcom: Friends) "How U doin'?" greeting. Let Alexander (aka Xandy) show you how...

You see, Kaylie being a "lady" & at such a tender age; she was a little freaked out (when she finally realised what happened) and she started to run for her life.
And what was I doing, U ask. I was just keeping an watchful eye, from afar.
She's my half sister afterall...

BTW, Buster nominated one of my pictures for Photo of the Month on DWB. Do check it out & lock in your vote soon, preferably my picture of course... Thank you Buster for nominating my picture!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Favourite Place... Part 2

Finally, after 14hrs of waiting (yawn, yawn, yawn) the treats are ready. I follow MaMa very closely so I don't miss out on any crumbs. Better still; if I wait patiently for MaMa to take her eyes off the treats for a split second, I can help myself to a full piece!

Ready, Steady, GO!!!

Yummy!!! I took a tiny piece just so MaMa won't notice but she got me on film!!! Darn, I should have gone for the biggest piece.

After the first incident, MaMa didn't let me anywhere close to this tray of dried lungs.

There was another tray of fish slices but MaMa knows I go crazy & there's no stopping me. She didn't want to risk it so there's no pictures of it, sorry folks.

My Favourite place... Part 1

It was a hazy saturday morning but MaMa was determined to bring us (yup, Kaylie had to come along) to MY favourite place. No no no... Not the park, but the WET MARKET!!!

What's so nice about the place?! FOOD & TREATS! Need I say more?! The bonus is, we get to walk along the park to get there! (I'm sure the exclamation marks shout out my excitement) Here are some pictures to show you where we live & the path we walk everyday to the dog run (it's very hazy so please bare with the low visibility)...

Back home, I patiently waited for the friendly white robot to dry the treats.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The search begins

My friend Jacker (aka Jack) was lost on the 8th Oct. Joey's blog has more details. Please check in & see if you can help in anyway.

You can also read more about him in the blog that he shares with his sisters.

I have fond memories of the times we had @ Sentosa Beach. He is not a big fan of the water & wave but he still obliged when we call out to him from the sea...

I hope he will return home soon.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Breaking rules...

I'm gonna have to break the number 1 rule of this blog. The rule of "no pictures of PaPa &/or MaMa are to be posted in this blog" You see; PaPa & MaMa are "shy" (roll eyeballs) individuals. Today, just today, I'll bend the rule a little.

See, sometime in April this year, I made my debut on the local newspaper The Straits Times...

And today, Kaylie "sort of" made hers on another publication; The Newpaper...(Kaylie - in the hands of MaMa. Me; bottom right corner)

Yup, U can only see the "side profile" of us. You want a full profile? Pls contact our manager.

Back with a vengence...

It's been some time since I last posted. I've been busy, very busy with the bitch. We are going through some very intense training. It's kept me very tired for most days.

MaMa looks like a zombie cos she has to wake up every so often to make sure that bitch (ok, ok, Kaylie), is pissing at the right place. I offered her a chance to post about her crazy toe paintings or lastest accessory purchases, she declined.

Today, I declare that Kaylie has graduated from stage 1 of my commando training. Here's some pictures of her training program...

Do not be mistaken that she's managed to take me down. It is just part of the training. I will remain the alpha. Thank you.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Fast track training.

I'm on a mission. To train Kaylie so we can form a tag team wherever & whenever we meet with "crisis". After reading Ms Sunshade's latest post I decided to put her on a fast track.

She is now able to take BearBear down...

Well, after all that "wrestling" it is time to take a snooze & make up with BearBear.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Today, Kaylie (yes, no change in name YET) is officially a carnivore. MaMa tried giving her some beef & lamb cubes last Sun & Kaylie politely declined the offer. After finding out from Aunty E & Uncle L that their new puppy has no problem with his BARF diet, MaMa decided to give it a go again.

After a quick run in the park we arrive home to a sumptuous bowl of duck rib & thigh. MaMa cut up a few tiny pieces for Kaylie & she actually chomp it down!

Then comes the deer tendon. I thought I'll leave it for later but...